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Date added: 07/06/2016 Runway 13 Airbrush review

    Product Review


Runway 13 Airbrush product # AL-133B


Having airbrushed for a few years now and using a few different types of airbrush, my latest being a Blackstar, I’ve been happy with the results that I could acheive with it until now.


On a recent visit to Simon Says Hobbies and Games shop I happened upon the Runway 13 airbrushes that Simon was unpacking and had a quick look at them and thought to myself they look very well constructed.  I went away for a while to think on it.... do I really need a new airbrush?  Well having thought about it, I took the plunge and bought thel  AL-133b middle of the range brush.  This morning I took it for a little test drive and I have to say it was an investment well-made. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I don’t claim to be an expert on airbrushing,  but in my humble opinion this air brush would make an excellent first time airbrush for a double action airbrush.


The main body is constructed of aluminium with the head needle and cups, of which there are three different sizes, complete with caps which are constructed of chrome plated steel. I tried it at several different air pressures and found that it worked best for me at around 18-20 Psi. I didn’t have to drop the pressure for the line work as I found that, if I did, it developed a slight spattering.  Having said that others might find different results with thinner paint. On the test run I started out just seeing how the coverage was and how tight I could get the line work, and was very happy with the results. ( see picture #1).  I then went on and tried a bit of a paint job starting with pre shading to camouflage (see Picture #2). I then did a quick German mottle camouflage job (see picture #3). I have to say that I am very happy with the results bearing in mind that these were just quick practice paint jobs and that I use Tamiya and aero master enamel paints. I will say that with more practice and becoming more acquainted with the airbrush I am sure I will be able to pull it in even tighter. I found it to be very well balanced and easy to use and clean.  I must say that for a quick 20 minute session I am extremely happy with my purchase and my old airbrush has been relegated to the odd job department, so if you are looking for a great air brush for beginner to experienced at reasonable prices I say you can’t pass on these Runway 13 series of brushes.  


There are several available from $65.00 for a double action gravity fed model to the box set alloy body gravity fed box set with different needle sizes hose and fittings for $185.00. So in closing, if you are looking to get your first air brush or upgrade I can recommend this range of airbrushes wholeheartedly.


This review is a personal opinion on a product that I have purchased


Ken Kahl


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