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Date added: 11/02/2018 This Humidity is Killing My Painting.

Simon Says you've got to love summer...... but the heat and humidity is killing my model painting. And it's true ... the acrylic paint is drying so quickly its clogging up my airbrush, and any attempt to paint with a brush just results in a streaky, sticky (sometimes furry) mess.


You do, however, have a few options that might help. You can use retarder, thin your paint, use a square brush with synthetic bristles and work quickly.


Retarder slows the paint drying time considerably, which is an advantage when you are using your airbrush, as it keeps the paint wet as it lands on your model and has a better opportunity to 'level'. It also reduces the blocking of your air brush tip, although you should always have a little paint thinner and a stiff paint brush to removes the dags that seem to grow on the tip of your air brush.


Thin coats of paint are always better than thick. Build up your colours with a few coats but always makes sure you give at least six hours drying time between coats. Using a square brush with a flat end provides a more even layer of paint coverage and reduces the number of brush strokes needed to cover an area. Work quickly and avoid going back over areas just painted.


When you thin your acrylic paint NEVER use water. Acrylic paints are NOT water based paints. Various solvents are used as 'carriers' in acrylic paint. As a rule of thumb, use the manufacturers thinner and retarders.... as a last resort you can use isopropal alcohol....but not the rubbing type. You can of course clean up with water as acylic paints do dissolve in water.


The best way to learn is to try something new, but always perfect your technique on something other than your latest master piece!!!


Good luck and be cool!




Thanks Simon.
The retarder does work well for me. I just have to learn to airbrush lightly, not like using a spatula. I have found that removing the gun tip works way better for me and I'm not getting splatter like I used to.