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Date added: 19/05/2016 Why hobbies?

I came across this interesting article about the benefits of hobbies for developing disadvantaged kids. The article maintains that hobbies provide kids with skills, which assists them in growing beyond the life on the streets, “A number of factors proved important in helping kids succeed, but one key ingredient seems to be having an 'identity project'—a hobby, interest or passion that makes it easier to 'not be about the street”.

Whilst most of us are blessed to have our children safe at home, there are still pressures of modern life. Daily we hear of online bullying and the tragedy of youth suicide - maybe there are some lessons that we can apply that might make a difference. A simple thing as a hobby might give a young person that sense of identity or the confidence to be ‘good’ at something- and of course new friends………just my thoughts.

Have a read of the article at

Simon and Heather



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